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December 10, 2021
It’s not looking like Christmas

MAYBE AH NOT listing to de Radio enough, but ah not hearing very many of de good ole but meaning-full Christmas Carols like “Christmas Awake, salute the happy morn.” One Christmas Eve we visited de late Sir Sydney Gun Munro, former Governor General, he was bed-ridden.

Interestingly he requested we play for him, his favourite Carol ”Christians Awake.”.. Later ah looked at de words of dat song to see if Sir Sydney was giving us ah hint; actually he was and today dat Carol has become one of my fear-foh-it as well. Another fear-foh-it Carol of mine is: “Joy to the world de Lord is come.” Right now, wid all de mess and non-cents going on in de World in general, and in Sin-Vin-Sin in particular, ah want to invite Jesus to come dis Christmas. Ah planning to have ah NOVENA foh His birthday.


Yes we need ah good Christmas! After all we have survived ah lot in 2021, from Pan-dem-ache to Vol-can-ache and now Man-dem-ache. It pains when yuh and yuh near-bah Grenada an Bo-bail-us going thru de same Pan-dem-ache. Very early dey enforced strict precautionary measures notwithstanding de many problems, but we in SVG played Pussy-foot literally down-played de seriousness of de Pan-dem-ache and ride wid de tide.
Mind yuh, it is still early in de life of COVID-19, or too early to shout, but Grenada has announced dat dis Christmas, frontline wukers will receive ah one month bonus salary as ah token of appreciation foh dey commitment in de fight against de Pan-dem-ache,

So what we doing differently? We made Vax-ah-nation man-doh-tarry while Grenada and Bo-bail-us did not! Dey allowed time foh citizens to be guided and persuaded by conscience and strict adherence to Protocol.
Here in SVG we went Man-doh-tarry, and now we hell bent on ah Draconian mission. Ah recent statement from de PM says: “Unvaccinated Teachers who continue to turn up to work despite Go-venom-mint’s Vaccine policy, will have Nought to show when dey behold dey Bank Account.” Jesus please pass-by foh Christmas!


Heavy on our backs again, is de Inter-nah-shun-all Monetary Fun (IMF), ah reputable Inter-nah-shun-all Financial Watch-dog. Foh de second time in de life of de ULP, de IMF has declared dat de Finances of SVG is in ah mess to say de least. De first time IMF did expose SVG Financial status, de PM’s response was not short of Bear-Facedness: “ We are not ah colony of de IMF,” he said. Lie-Za says what goes around comes back round to meet yuh. How quickly we forget when we uses to mek mock of Sir James say IMF means Is Mitchell Fault. Like Papa like son. Finance Minister insinuating dat de IMF is at fault. Woww!


Lie-Za ask me what ah plan to do if Jesus accepts my invitation and turn up foh Christmas Novena. Ah told her dat Novena is real and not limited. Nine Days of Prayer and Meditation to make special prayer requests or petitions. Dey’s ah Novena at Christmas, Easter etc. So beginning December 16th when de Nah-shun-all Nine Mornings Celebrations begin, I am appealing to all Heads of Churches in SVG to hold ah Novena. Invite dey community, open de doors and lift-up de Nation in Prayers, Praise and Worship, Dance and Sing to Christmas Carols. Let de children participate heavily as well. When leaders attack God’s Servants calling dem Talibans, it is ah bad sign from de top. Time foh spiritual cleansing in de land. And wid dat is gone ah gone again,.
One Love Bassy