If you see something, say something
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December 10, 2021
If you see something, say something

EDITOR: A workman was pouring concrete to make a yard when I asked, “where is the steel?” He said, “Don’t worry, it could work so.” Years later, I have to live with the consequences of a cracked yard. Cracked concrete roads suggest inadequate steel work with the likely implications of more worn tires and sprained feet. Lack of starter bars joining foundations to walls also lead to cracks. The bigger crack though, may be in inadequate preparation of our construction workers, leaving them to guess at works that would be set in concrete. Perhaps it is time that we require engineering drawings in addition to the regular architectural drawings in our construction industry.

The police depend on the testimony of witnesses to prosecute cases and gain convictions in their quest to solve crimes and keep our society safe. However, many criminals escape because some do not say what they saw.

Additionally, we do not benefit from what we could hear from the crime scenes because we have not perfected our investigation skills perhaps due to lack of training. Forensic Science needs to play a more important role here. Policing needs to be on par with the rest of society and require at least 2 years of post-secondary training.

We all know that it takes a village to raise a child, yet we see children going astray and say nothing. We may not have the power of discipline as long ago but the effect of our words and disdain can go a long way in keeping our children in line. How many would have been saved if we had said, “Don’t do that it is not right?” Rather than doing something to stop a crime, many have been given to recording it on their cell phones. Others feel empowered by their political connections that they can get away with crimes, and consequently operate without restraint.

Being silent does not add to our peace. Everyone, from the highest office to the ordinary citizen has a role to play that no one else could. Thus, the speaker and all parliamentarians must make it clear that they are for fairness. Fairness would rule the day. Motions of No Confidence and the Opposition would be given what is due to them. Meritocracy would be the mantra of the Service Commissions. Each policeman or teacher would know that they have a fair chance for advancement in their profession.

More health professionals, particularly those whom we trust need to make their professional advice available to us concerning the COVID-19 pandemic. We would gain a better understanding of immunization, and vaccination and would muster a better response as a consequence. We need to foster a climate where they would feel comfortable making their contribution.

As we approach the upcoming budget debate, can we count on hearing from our bankers, accountants, and auditors? Their undignified silence is deafening.

Anthony Stewart, PhD