A Toy for Christmas
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December 10, 2021

A Toy for Christmas

Editor: You may be wondering what you can get your child for Christmas. It has to be something that brings joy to your child, something that stimulates his brain, something that he can play with others. You may have many choices but I am recommending the “Bladeblade.”

It consists of the nozzle of a water bottle. It is removed from the bottle and the remaining ring is turned inside out and placed around the nozzle. Two more rings may be added preferably of different colors. Red, white, and blue are common. The Bladeblade is spun like a top by holding it between the fingers and applying a torque in one direction, either clockwise or anticlockwise. It must be projected onto a smooth surface and spins beautifully.

An aspect of competition can be added as children observe whose Bladeblade will spin for the longest duration. I do not know who invented the Bladeblade, but I observe the pleasure it brings to the boys engaged in its use. It represents the creativity and imagination of the children and can also be used as a learning tool.

The earth spins on its axis, perhaps from west to east. This accounts for day and night. A tilt in the axis causes the seasons. The earth is part of a larger solar system with orbiting and spinning planets that move around the sun.

We can join our imagination with that of our children introducing an aspect of learning to their play. Help your child make a Bladeblade and have a happy innocent Christmas this year.

Anthony Stewart, PhD