The sacred responsibility of political leadership
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November 9, 2021
The sacred responsibility of political leadership

The mission of the elected representatives ought to be to effect the will of the people who have given them the privilege of authority. The assumption, the hope, the expectation of the people, the citizens, is that those who have been given the responsibility of LEADERSHIP, will pursue a path which they in sincerity and after a comprehensive attempt to consult with the people, will determine what is best for the society.

A sober reflection on the state of the Vincentian society today, prompts the conclusion that those scholars who on account of their seeming predisposition had been entrusted with leadership, have indeed turned out to be traitors to that trust that the people had placed in them. They who had sacred responsibility of holding aloft the light of hope to guide the society, were because of their narcissism, promoted by the spirit of evil and on stooping to pick up treasures of riches and power, lost their moral footing and fell into the deep gutter of ignominy sadly that is likely to be the prominent feature of their legacy!

Therefore those citizens who have influence, should recognize that they have a responsibility to help fashion the circumstances necessary for the production of a cadre of citizens who will be able to provide the leadership which we so evidently need, to

effect the retrieval of our society and offer hope to the younger ones. We have several decades of the playing of games, time for leadership which is seriously aimed at the development of our people!

Those of us who continue to remain indifferent and silent in the face of the blatant mismanagement by our own administration which has wrought such agonized crippling on our docile people over the last several decades, should understand, [that] we are setting up our own progeny the next generations of Vincentian for very difficult times when the world are clearly warning us and no reflecting then on any overweighed narcissistic “WORLD BOSS” persona will assuage the reality of the agony.

Moral leadership is now vital!

LeRoy Providence