The Public Service
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October 22, 2021
The Public Service

EDITOR: There are many hardworking, professional and good public servants in this country. However, there are some who make the service look good.

While on this topic, I must compliment VINLEC and CWSA for their effective and professionalism in dealing with customers.

They indeed deserve their pay and would add even bonuses, unlike many public servants.

The nurses and health care workers are also doing a very commendable job and should be highly recognized. On the other hand there are some who are in the wrong job in spite of their academic qualifications. The registry comes readily to mind.

Far too often there are complaints about the inefficiency of some of its workers. Imagine someone applying for certificate and yet had to pay for it three times before it was correct. I am aware of an occasion where someone applied for a marriage certificate and had to reapply for it on two separate occasions simply because on each occasion the workers made simple mistakes although documents were presented. First they were told that it is not in the system although an old copy was presented.

The one applying had to locate the marriage officer and his record and have it presented to the registry. Although the book of register was presented yet the names were misspelt.

To correct the spelling and the other errors the person had to reapply again.

Again all the documents were presented and yet they made other mistakes with the date and correct name of the marriage offi cer. Again to correct that mistake the documents had to be presented and the person had to reapply again. So in all the person paid $45 for one certificate. When the person who applied for the certificate tried to reason and saying that a third application with another $15 should not be paid the person was met with a negative response.

This incident is just one of many such occurrences at the registry that you wonder what is going on there. Are those dealing with these things illiterate or just careless or even lazy? Imagine sometimes it is someone of lesser qualification who sometimes have to assist and see that it is done correctly. This and other instances are just some of the many inefficient performance of the registry and other department of the public service.

I think it is time that fair assessment is made of workers and they be paid accordingly. For we know that inefficient performances by these workers can retard the country and give bad names. It is time we improve our public service in this country and also get rid of the bad eggs. Happy forty second anniversary to SVG. Indeed our faith will see us through.

Kennard King