Lessons of COVID pandemic
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October 15, 2021
Lessons of COVID pandemic

Editor: Covid – 19 continues to [wreak] havoc and fear amongst the populace here in SVG and elsewhere. It has and continues to take away from us persons we love and cherish. The alarming rate at which people are dying in this country, it has overtaken those who died tragically either by the bullet or other weapons.

This deadly virus has brought to the fore some very important lessons for our consideration and preparation. First of the many lessons is the uncertainty of life. We know that in Hebrews 9:27 we are told that it is appointed unto men once to die. It ought to awaken us to the fact that we should never take life for granted, because we are here today and gone tomorrow. Therefore, we must be prepared to such an event that is likely to occur. It is time that we think seriously of our destination and live today as if it is the last. With this in mind we ought to live our lives the way the Lord wants us to and also be prepared for death by giving our hearts to Christ.

Secondly, this pandemic has taught us the value of each other. Sometimes we take for granted those around us. We often feel that they would be with us for some time. So we tend to take them for granted. But we don’t know when we will see them for the last time. Therefore, it is important that we show love and appreciation to them. It is important that we forgive and live in peace with those we come in contact with and who are around and close to us.

Importantly, we should get rid of the hatred, envy and jealousy that exists amongst us. We ought to seek by God’s grace to be united and stop the pull down and the political divide. As we know Covid does not discriminate against political persuasion. It is time to work together in the battle against this deadly pandemic.

Finally, considering the destructive nature of this pandemic we ought to seek to adjust our lifestyle. We recognise that difficult times are ahead financially. Therefore, it is important that we spend wisely and make adjustments to our lifestyle.

Most of all as a nation let us seek God’s face daily for this nation and for wisdom both for those in authority and for us individually. Let us reach out to God in prayer and repentance. This is indeed time of reflection, recognition that God rules in the affairs of men and time to recommit our lives to Him.

May God bless SVG.

Kennard King