Is demolition the end of a legacy?
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October 8, 2021
Is demolition the end of a legacy?

EDITOR: Since the rebuilding of the health facilities at Clifton Union Island, a new sign was put up: Union Island Health Complex. Many were not pleased with this but what can we do about it? We treasure the memory of our beloved Nurse Celena Clouden.

We remembered how she practically served as the only “Doctor” on the land in the old days. Many of us owe our safe delivery as new born babies into this world to her. The dead of night seemed to be the preferred delivery time of most pregnant mothers and Nurse Clouden always showed up. Her whole life was dedicated to saving our souls, healthwise.

The responsibility for the care and treatment of 2000 people, handling all emergencies with calmness and confidence was admirable. This was done with the knowledge that those referred to better facilities overseas may not survive the peril of the seas. Her training in Jamaica as a Public Health nurse gave her the opportunity to share her knowledge and experience with others in her program. The responsibility thrusted upon her was not by choice. Most other practitioners would have had ready access to full hospital services within two hours. In her case however, the boat ride was about five hours. The extended period could have meant death to the referred patient so, Nurse had to do what she had to do to save lives and she succeeded on many occasions.

Will our health facilities at Clifton retain the name, history and legacy of our beloved Nurse Celena Clouden, or will we be subjected to the nondescript: Union Island Health Complex? Time will tell.

Anthony Stewart, PhD