Facts versus opinion
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October 8, 2021
Facts versus opinion

EDITOR: Opinion is something that is based purely on how one thinks or views it. An opinion can not be proven and so it has no evidence. Facts on the other hand can be proven and has evidence to support it. It is so unfortunate that many persons are gravitating towards opinions, rather than facts.

The COVID–19 vaccines it is said was man made to kill out people. The fact is that all vaccines are man made and have side effects. The fact is that while it does not prevent a person from getting and spreading the virus, it minimizes the effect and even death.

It is not the mark of the beast as some say. This can not be supported by scriptures. Many claimed that world leaders are getting big money from it and it is sponsored by rich persons. This can not be proven and hence it is an opinion.

The fact is that hospitals not only in SVG but other nations are running out of space because of the high rate of hospitalizations of persons who have contracted the virus and are not vaccinated. So it is only a matter of time if this rate continues that there would be no room in the hospitals so persons who have other illness would not be given attention [through] no fault of the medical persons. The fact is covid will affect everyone, because tourism, trading and other services would decline and so the economy would fall. When this occurs, the fact is that many would die from starvation and suicide. The mental health centre would be overcrowded because many persons would become crazy.

The fact is many persons would lose their jobs because of the declining economy. Opinion says that the vaccine can not save. The fact is that other medicines and science can not save us either. It is said that we should not believe in science but trust in Jesus. The fact is, when we are sick we go to doctors and follow their instructions. Doing this is following science. Then we should not go to the doctors.

The list can go on and on about facts versus opinions but I rest my case. The fact is that there would still thousands who will still refuse the vaccines even if death hits home to them. The fact is that many would disagree with what I have written, but that is okay. The fact is that we must base our refusal of the vaccine on facts, rather than opinion of one self or others.

Kennard King