Anti-vax  non-national  lobby in SVG?
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October 8, 2021

Anti-vax non-national lobby in SVG?

EDITOR: A very influential antivax lobby in St. Vincent and the Grenadines are “persons from far and away” who now reside in SVG. Some have become residents and naturalized Vincentians, while others are on extended visitors’ permits. I’m not suggesting that all “persons from far away” are spreading antivax propaganda, definitely not; however, those that do are disproportionately influential and their message is far too often readily embraced as fact by many fellow Vincys.

The reasons for such are: 1. These persons are mostly white, and unfortunately mental slavery lives on in many of our people. 2. They are from “far and away” and many Vincys still mistakenly believe that “foreigners know best”. Such persons are most likely to directly interact with Vincys at our local watering holes, aka bars. Their nationalities run the gamut. I’m aware of Canadians, French, Americans, English, a Norwegian, New Zealanders, amongst others who have been pushing their antivax narrative here in SVG. These persons primarily live and work on mainland St. Vincent, Bequia, Union Island and Canouan. The powers that be need to find a way of urgently muzzling these purveyors of dangerous misinformation and disinformation.

While they may claim that they have the right to “free speech”, however, free speech ends when their misinformation and disinformation can lead Vincys to reject the safe and effective vaccines we have available here in SVG, thereby significantly upping the chances of my people getting very ill or dying from COVID. I’m calling on the Government and the Immigration Department to urgently identify such persons and deal with them within the provisions of our laws.

For the record, such laws do exist on our statutes. Identifying such persons is not difficult. They are often found in the bars in the Villa area. Furthermore, speaking with the MOH’s vaccine teams, especially in the Grenadines, will help in identifying some of these persons. I know that there are some who will want to claim that these are Gestapo like tactics.

However, SVG cannot afford to leave any hole unplugged when it comes to fighting this pandemic. Furthermore, anyone who is a guest in our country while actively undermining the health and economy of our nation needs to be declared persona non grata, and with haste. Enough is enough.

Coraline Frank