Manners, respect will take you throughout the world
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October 1, 2021
Manners, respect will take you throughout the world

EDITOR: Someone said that “manners and respect will take you through out the world.” This was one edict that my mother tried to instill in all her children. This one rule is essential in regulating our behavior at home, at school, and abroad.

Respect at home meant that we recognize the role our parents played in guiding us. Respect meant that we made our fair contribution to the upkeep of the home. The home was orderly and each child knew his role in making things work. I complained about finding my own bush broom and cleaning a small portion of the yard every day. I knew that the yard did not need cleaning every day but now I realize what I was being taught was responsibility, punctuality, cooperation, and discipline. Even though mother could have done all the work by herself, allowing us to do our fair share proved to be a great learning opportunity for the children that would not be learned otherwise. That attitude is still with us and we expect to make our contribution where ever we find ourselves today.

Respect at school means arriving on time, being ready for class with homework done, having read ahead (Text, Other books, Newspapers, Internet), participating in class, helping to keep the classroom clean and sanitized, assisting other students, getting help from them, engaging in journaling for writing practice, and cooperating with the teacher and school authority in the learning process.

Respect in the workplace means arriving on time, getting the work done on time, respecting those in authority, taking responsibility for my own behavior, knowing what to do, keeping up with the latest in my field, implementing the best practices. For those in authority, respect means meritocracy, valuing the contribution, training, and expertise of each worker, and creating opportunities for their expression. Respect means that workers will not be instructed to commit any illegal act, and if any such instructions were given, those who refused would not be penalized.

Respect in Parliament means that the Opposition motions would be given priority on the occasions when the rules allow for them. Respect means that if any member wants to bring a Motion of No Confidence in the Government, it would be duly debated and voted upon.

Respect in the Civil Service means that there would be adequate resources provided so that there can be adequate accountability.

Respect in this Covid 19 pandemic means that I do all that I can to protect myself and others by:

1. Vaccinating

2. Wearing a mask

3. Social distancing

4. Sanitizing

5. Ventilating

6. Providing accurate information

7. Not burdening our family, and country through severe illness, and death

Anthony Stewart, PhD