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September 17, 2021
Church writes letter of support for PM Gonsalves

THE LOCAL BRANCH of an international Christian church has described the current events in St Vincent and the Grenadines surrounding the roll out of COVID19 vaccines, as lawless and anti-Christian and anti-government in character.

In a letter to Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves, a copy of which SEARCHLIGHT has obtained, the church leaders said they were writing to “strengthen” the Prime Minister in relation to the current challenges.

“We feel the current events in St Vincent represent an uprising against authority and against government as being of God (Romans 13 v1). It is an issue which is affecting governments globally in relation to the roll out of Covid vaccines and governments need to be strengthened and supported in what is clearly a right thing to do. The uprising is clearly lawless and is anti-Christian and anti-government in character.

“We are praying for you and your cabinet in this difficult time and asking God that angelic service may be provided to meet and restrain these anarchist elements that are really anti-God and anti-man, the letter went on to say.

“We trust and pray for wisdom for you and the authorities in general, and that peace and security and prosperity might be maintained, and that the nation may be sustained in these difficult times,” the letter dated September 9 concluded.