Who is the world boss?
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September 10, 2021
Who is the world boss?

EDITOR: Who is the world’s boss? Arguably, the answer is CORONA VIRUS. This virus we recognised will be with us for sometime.

It does not appear that it will go away anytime soon.

Which means that we have to learn to live with it.

This virus has controlled the world. Many leaders of the world are still struggling with managing this pandemic effectively. There are, have been, and continues to be much discussions all over the world about the vaccines. As a result of this virus we have seen and experienced many changes. Many have lost jobs due to economic problems. This many companies and governments have no control over.

Lifestyles have changed.

Social practices also have changed. Religious and both business and political meetings and conferences had to make adjustments, where these events are now held online in most cases.

This has caused a reduction in travelling, which naturally affects tourism and airlines. There is definitely an increase in online shopping and transaction as against physically doing it. It does show that indeed the CORONA VIRUS is the world’s boss.

This virus has now ushered in another problem besides the economic and social.

It is where vaccines are now becoming the norm for many jobs and the failure to be vaccinated can result in a person losing his/her job.

In other words, the vaccine because of the CORONA VIRUS can determine whether a person live or die; survival and taking care of the family is no longer something to be taken for granted.

Changes are required all over the world in order to cope with the virus. We may not like to accept the many changes but in most cases we have very little option.

But all in all the WORLD’S BOSS, the COVID- 19 is a reminder of the importance of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. For in these challenging times only our faith can see us through.

To crown it all, the Lord is sovereign and rules in the affairs of men. He in reality is the WORLD’S BOSS, but COVID – 19 apart from the Lord is the world’s boss. It is time to let the Lord guide our lives and to put our trust in Him.

Kennard King