Our tourism product
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September 10, 2021
Our tourism product

WE DESERVE to have the best and may want to share it with others. Consequently, I am proposing that 50% of the budget for the Tourism Authority be made available to each Parliamentary Representative for the Constituency Development Fund to be used to develop the Tourism Products in the Constituency. We must have a product in order to market it. Tourism products are real, visible, and tangible. Every Vincentian must know what this product is and be able to enjoy it ourselves and would be proud to tell our friends and visitors about it.

With the portion assigned to the Southern Grenadines, several projects come to mind: 1. Maintenance and Preservation of all beaches to hotel standards. There would be no pressure on any particular beach as facilities would be available and most people would go to the nearest beach.

Hotels can contribute to maintenance.

2. Building and maintenance of Historical sites.

3. Building roads leading to all hotels and historical sites 4. Funding Oliver William Span Museum and Park in Union Island 5. Land Conservation through contouring, terracing, planting trees, grass, flowers.

6. Beautification of roadways similar to that organized in Marriaqua by Pappy Latham years ago.

7. Conservation of flora and fauna.

8. Preserving cultural traditions and artform.

Activities must feature on Tourism Calendar.

9. Preserving Historical buildings 10. Best Village Competition. Each home, building, school, church can be a site of attraction.

11. Highlight a tourism product each week in the Newspapers 12. Upgrade Ports of entry and link seaport with airport for travel purposes. Announce daily departure and arrival times for each carrier.

13. Yearly published audited financial report with pictures of projects completed.

14. Promote Sustainable Development. Preserve land for cultivation.

Place buildings on rocky areas.

We have the raw materials, and talented workers to make our best Tourism Product. One worker from the Tourism Authority can work along with us to accomplish our task.

Anthony Stewart, PhD