Love and forgiveness
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August 24, 2021
Love and forgiveness

EDITOR: Love and forgiveness are two very powerful tools. They unlock the door to freedom and success. Unfortunately, we tend to overlook these two tools and seem to minimize their importance.

Relationships fall apart because of the failure to forgive. Considering the fact that none of us is perfect there ought to be with us a willingness to love and forgive when wrongs are done against us. We are told in 1 Peter 4:8 that above all; let us love each other for love covers a multitude of sin.

Homicides many times are associated with revenge and a lack of love. For if as a people we would desire to love and forgive, then we would experience a reduction in these crimes. At home, in the work place and generally in life, conflict arises and hurts sometimes occur. When these things manifest itself, it can cause severe damage which many times rip the family, community, friends and society apart and creates enemies which can lead to killing and other social ills.

If we would love each other more, then there would be less enemies and killings. When we forgive it brings a freedom in our spirit. It is like a load lifts off our shoulder which can lead to love. But failure to forgive can place a burden on our shoulders and creates enemies.

The bible encourages us to forgive as mentioned in Matthew 6:14 and 15 which is often reaferred to as the Lord’s Prayer and is said by so many.

So when we don’t forgive we are blocking our own forgiveness and when we forgive then the Lord will forgive us. Just think of the many persons who say the Lord’s Prayer and yet fail to forgive. Indeed we are telling God a lie.

If as a people we ought to progress and be successful both individually and collectively then we must forgive and love each other in spite of. Let us free up ourselves, seek help from God to love and forgive. For it is by doing these things we would be able to effectively progress and be really free. Time does not permit for more expansion. May God bless us to love and forgive each other regardless, considering that we ourselves do need forgive and would like to be loved.

Kennard King