Why were FIRES used during Thursday’s protest ?
PROTESTORS LIT A BONFIRE at White Chapel Road, just outside the Parliament building on Thursday afternoon as part of the protest against the amendment to the Public Health Act.
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August 13, 2021
Why were FIRES used during Thursday’s protest ?

EDITOR: My mother tended to become physically sick…she vomited…at the sight of open flames in public spaces. Fires are extremely upsetting to many and the NDP-led protesters used the potentially physical and mentally scarring effects of fires for maximum impact on Thursday.

I am confident that quick research will reveal that the deliberate image of destruction, anarchy and mayhem is wrought by the use of fires during protests. Was this then the objective of the NDP-led peaceful protest (no, ‘peaceful’ was taken out) against amendments to the age- old Public Health Act ? These amendments were designed to respond to the emergency created by a pandemic. These amendments are geared at ensuring that our front-line public health responders are better equipped to take care of the health of our nation. These amendments maintain exceptions on certain medical grounds and religious beliefs. Yet the protesters were prepared to burn the House down in more than a metaphorical manner.

So yes, there is no over-reach; the persons and the homes of the leaders of this scorched-earth protest need to be searched. Despite the involvement of at least three Trade Unions in this protest, the leaders of these organizations have publicly declared their allegiance to the NDP, therefore this is an NDP assault by fire. Their desperate thirst for mayhem is not even a stone’s throw away.

Smoke and Mirrors.