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August 13, 2021
On the Rampage

There was a time when they cared for us and we cared for them. Those were the good old days when we had a symbiotic relationship. We were provided with a place to live, food, and water. We got adequate exercise even though very often there was much restriction. They were very selective on who our partner was, choosing the best for us. Those restrictions kept us safe and we felt protected. In return we took pride in providing:

1. Protein for building muscles and growth.
2. Milk which is a complete balanced diet.
3. Materials for making shoes, belts, bags, and clothes.
4. The base for jello.
5. Real butter.
6. Thread for making natural clothing.
7. Manure for plant nutrition.
8. Mortar for building wattle and daub houses.
9. Mosquito repellant.

In India we are revered as gods and given the best treatment. In Africa we are valued as bride dowry, and we sometimes give life as people literally feed on our blood.

Today however, no one appears to care for us. We are just left to our own untethered will to run wild doing what we feel like. Now we are literally on the rampage.

Unlike before when our diet was planned, we now eat anything we can find. Our mating habits too are carefree and anything goes. Before, there was a delicate balance in the ecosystem. Now there is danger of soil erosion due to over feeding.

Erecting fence barriers are not enough to keep our destructive forces at bay because we work day and night to break them down to achieve our selfish goal of getting what we want at all cost. Unless we are brought under control, a future of extreme poverty is likely for all of us.
Unholy Cow

Anthony Stewart, PhD