Our Readers' Opinions
August 13, 2021
Not leaving behind unfinished task

IT IS VERY interesting to hear of the machinations of the people whom we had thought were earnestly prepared to advance the interest of our nation. Just over twenty years ago a group of men agitated for justice good governance and economic advancement and the pursuit of goals which would have been determined after earnest discussion with the people.

Yet today, these same persons are callously indifferent and even arrogantly disdainful, when patriotic citizens offer categorising of a sincere patriot Matthew Thomas by our Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves is a classic case. One remembers that Matthew Thomas was a strong player in Ralph Gonsalves successful political fortunes. For some years, Ralph Gonsalves used to be requesting that he be given the privilege of not leaving behind an unfinished task. I would suggest that he seriously considers making an apology, a public apology urgently, while he yet has a fluency of speech. Mathew is one of our genuine trustworthy brothers whom you might have done well to emulate.

LeRoy Providence