Our Readers' Opinions
August 6, 2021
Are we truly emancipated?

EDITOR: Are we truly emancipated? We have just celebrated emancipation day but can we honestly say that we are truly emancipated? Yes we have been freed from slavery,but the real slavery that controls us is mental slavery.

As a people we have cultivated the idea that we are not good enough, so we always seek to degrade each other. We slander and fight each other, and then we have the gall to talk about the white man and its enslavement.

We have gravitated to foreign music over our very own. We have promoted many fashions that are foreign. We even easily adapt to accents that are foreign, instead of cherishing our own. It is as though our accent is not good enough.

Many admire and try to be like foreign stars. Even our clothes that we wear are foreign in terms of its style. We look at television and other social media and we adapt to the foreign style, rather than our own. Can we honestly say that we have clothing that is VINCY? Your guess is as good as mine.

There are persons who would like to be seen shopping at expensive stores that are foreign based and yet would then cry out that times are hard. While, foreigners who invest in this country have more control on their spending than we do and so save more than we do which account for their success in business.

So no wonder the foreigners would be able to open businesses ahead of the locals because of our mentality of spending and hardly save.

As Vincies we seem to prefer foreigners above our own. Imagine you would have local pastors and preachers presenting the word of God, but they would not receive as much listening to, than a foreigner. You have concerts and other events and for it to attract a large audience, foreign artists must be there.

Indeed we are still in mental slavery where we are still not freed in our minds and so enslaved to foreigners and until we free our minds and be positive in our thoughts, we would still be not emancipated. We need to believe in ourselves and value each other.

Until we stop the hatred and jealousy which are signs of mental slavery we would still remain in slavery. The way to true emancipation is not found in the politicians but in ourselves. We have to free our minds and then we can be emancipated.

Kennard King