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July 30, 2021
Keeping Hunter’s Spirit Alive – helping kids pursue their dreams

EDITOR: I’m an entrepreneur and a change maker. I have been my whole life. So, it feels good to support Hunter’s Fund to lend a hand to young people who are ready to explore their own passions. It’s extra special that I get to honor the Watson family in the process. 

It’s wonderful how they and supporters from Mustique have done so much good in Hunter’s name. I grew up very poor myself. I quit school at 14 to support the grandmother who raised me. That’s why I’ve always believed in doing what I can to help other young people in need.  

The need for education support here on St. Vincent is massive. Students of every age need support – from preschool all the way through college. And it’s not just for school fees;  they need help with transportation, books, and feeding programs.  

I’m proud to support a number of charities that help young people get an education and follow their dreams, both here in the Caribbean and elsewhere.

Hunter’s Fund will always be one of my favorites. Keeping Hunter’s spirit alive while helping other kids pursue their dreams? Well, there’s nothing better.

Basil Charles