The Covid 19 Vaccine
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July 27, 2021
The Covid 19 Vaccine

EDITOR: It is a known fact that the Corona Vaccine has sparked much discussion.

Interestingly many health personnel and workers have refused to take the vaccine.

This of course adds strength to those who oppose the vaccine. It also makes those who are not vaccinated more reluctant in taking it.

We have been hearing especially in the USA that once fully vaccinated, then the wearing of mask is not mandatory.

While in most countries including SVG, we are told that even though one is fully vaccinated the wearing of mask is still required. Then if the latter is true, it reduces the incentives for taking of the vaccine.

The sad thing though is that to return our country back to some normalcy, the taking of the vaccine is important. I have heard of persons throwing away their pension by refusing to take the vaccine to continue their employment. This to me by those persons throwing away their pension or denying themselves an employment because of failure to be vaccinated is not sensible. Besides the aforementioned failure
to be vaccinated can set back the country financially for many tourists will not come to our shores.

Added to what was already mentioned is the fact that failure to be vaccinated will definitely pose a problem when travelling, for we know that if someone is not vaccinated their quarantine will be more than those who have been vaccinated.

So while we may have our issues with the vaccine, we need to consider the consequences of not being vaccinated and the setback it can have on our country on a whole. I trust that good sense will prevail and we would seek to look at the brighter picture.

Kennard King