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Follow Christ, forgive and love your enemies… put away hatred!

Follow Christ, forgive and love your enemies… put away hatred!

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EDITOR: Lack of forgiveness and hatred are two of the most prevalent wrongs in our society that are hardly talked about.

Yes we know that in life there would be hurts and disappointments, even rejections. These many times lead to the above mentioned. Be that as it may, it is easier to talk about it than to actually practice it.

These two aforementioned have been amongst the major causes of homicide and other crimes. These crimes have lasting effects upon us as a people. For when we fail to forgive we tend to want to take revenge. Besides that we are told that if we don’t forgive the Lord will not forgive us. The reality is that many who are very active in churches fail under this category of not forgiving. Therefore it is fair to say that if they don’t forgive then the Lord will not forgive them.

Therefore if a person is not forgiven by God then that person will end up in Hell.

Hatred on the other hand has lead many to become violent and want the worst for the person who they hate. When hatred is practised there is always that desire to do something to hurt the other person and also to wish for defeat, death or any other thing.

Foolishly many continue to practice hatred. In this country there is so much political hatred that it is not funny. This can be heard on radio daily and on social media along with face to face encounters. Sadly, but true many Christians find themselves practising hatred and in many cases political hatred.

Even though we are wronged by someone or some persons,holding up the person in our heart is unchristian like. So is hatred which is also unchristian like. It is unfortunate that we judge a person’s Christianity based on party’s politics while projecting the image that we are righteous even though we have hatred in our hearts towards others.

In conclusion, we know that hatred and unforgiveness continue to plague our nation and by extension the world at large. If we are indeed a Christian nation we ought to follow Christ who told us to love our enemies and do well to those who suffer patience.

I, therefore, urge us to look inward and put away the hatred and unforgiveness and report on the materials needed.

May God continue to bless us all.

Kennard King