That Vow to make the country ungovernable!
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July 16, 2021
That Vow to make the country ungovernable!

EDITOR: WE ARE UNDER the spell of this vow and the leadership and membership of the Labour Party need to unconditionally withdraw, rescind, and break this vow. This vow is the hub around which revolves ill-discipline, crime, violence, disrespect, poverty, and dictatorship.

Sir Vincent Beache made some effort in this regard by proposing Integrity Legislation within the first 100 days of his party’s governance, but his noble intention was apparently despised and left unfulfilled up to this day. Rather than fulfilling Sir Vincent’s dream, further aspersion was cast on judges, lawyers, plaintiffs, and defendants by “discing” them with the statement that “No matter what court you go to you must come back to Papa.”

The vow to ‘make the country ungovernable’ as objectionable and atrocious as it is, further exacerbated by that high and mighty statement that appears to make our justice system of no effect by replacing it by the whims and fancies of Papa. The two pronouncements underpin injustice in our country and are perhaps the root cause of most crimes in our country today.

We need to engage our religious community to exorcise the spirits of ill-discipline and invincibility through authoritative injustice. Our psychologists, social workers, and counsellors need to begin with our leaders to get them to

repent of the negative inspiration, and vibes and get individuals with that type of thinking to change course.

Dishing out the country’s resources to party members is not good policy and fosters division, animosity, and antagonism. Empowering only party members to own the jobs and the country is inherently unfair and evil. If our current slate of leaders in government are not up to the task, they will have to go. We want leaders who will embrace: 1. Integrity Legislation 2. Meritocracy 3. Justice rather than Poverty 4. Job creation rather than Poor Relief 5. Independent Thinking The speaker and deputy speaker must be sworn to upholding the tenets of our western democratic principles. To this end, they must go if they are not prepared to allow debate, and dispose of a motion of no confidence.

The rules of our Parliamentary discourse must be fair, otherwise we may have to tolerate road block revolutions, and demonstrations infinitum.

Anthony Stewart, PhD