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Is John being used as the scapegoat?

Is John being used as the scapegoat?

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EDITOR: Maybe my intelligen[ce] is not too good or maybe I am just plain dunce. As I see it, the question rings in my head is, “Mr. Cornelius John being used as a scapegoat by the NDP?

My reason for asking this question lies in the fact that at the last two protests, the organisers were claiming that they are protesting because of the injustice done to Mr. John. Yet on the days of protest we are hearing about the need for fresh elections. Little is being said about the injustice to Mr. John and what is the justice they want for him.

Instead we are hearing about the need for fresh elections and how bad things are in this country.

Thus, it seems that the real protest was not about Mr. John; instead he was being used as the scapegoat.

Also in the justice for Mr. John is the call for the removal of the senator. To me it would seem that once she is removed they would consider that justice. The concern is not about Mr. John, for removing the senator doesn’t benefit Mr. John.

The question that can be asked is, how would Mr. John benefit from her removal? Absolutely no benefit. In my estimation the real benefit of justice for Mr. John is to see those who got charged in this case Mr. Nelson and Miss Morgan be found guilty and Mr. John receive compensation.

But to take to the streets in protest not for Mr. John but for removal of Ralph Gonsalves and his party is using Mr, John as a scapegoat. So if the NDP achieved their objectives how would that benefit Mr. John? Would they give him a reward? Would they compensate him or would he just be forgotten?

It is sad how the NDP uses people as scapegoat for their own selfish agenda but not seeking for the well being of those they used. Come to think of it, the NDP is a bunch of selfish people who don’t love people but that hierarchy.

It is really true to say that Mr. John is being used as the scapegoat. It is a dishonest move by the NDP.

This is not the first time they are doing it; it is a custom practice by them.

No wonder they would remain for sometime in opposition. They only appeal to the emotions of their supporters but not to the masses of Vincentians. They fail to realise that performance would prevail over propaganda.

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