Our Readers' Opinions
July 9, 2021
We will rise again

EDITOR: We will rise again from the ashes and the challenges that face us as a nation. It is said that when it rains it pours. We have been dealing and living with Covid 19 since last year. I do believe this pandemic would be with us for sometime. This however, has caused economic, social and psychological problems. The adjustment will take some time, but is of necessity.

The loss of income and its effects as a result of the above mentioned have been a major challenge for some. Thus it is fair to say that we have experienced and continue to experience a down turn in the economy, and so it has its negative effects.

While still trying to deal with and survive the effects of Covid – 19, then came ‘Madame’ La Soufriere. The entire country experienced some effects of it. Many in the safe zones had to deal with the ashes that fell, and those who left their homes were faced with the challenges in some areas, of having nowhere to live since they lost their houses and properties. The farmers had to battle and still do with surviving amidst the loss of their entire crops and animals.

Even though many would have benefited from gifts and foodstuff plus other items, and even though efforts were made by the authorities to cushion the effects of the loss by giving income support to the farmers, yet still for many, it would be a struggle for survival. Much appreciation must be given to the many organizations and individuals both home and abroad who give and continue to give assistance. Indeed these kind gestures would soften the effects of the loss and help in returning life to normalcy.

Amidst all of that hurricane Elsa came and brought with it destruction in some areas. Many have lost their properties and contents, and some have suffered loss on a lesser scale. Be that as it may, we will rise again amidst the challenges.

Rising from the ashes, the pandemic and the disaster will require resilience, a faith in God and determination to make it. Yes we may be struggling and somewhat down from these aforementioned, but we will rise again for no situation is permanent. Once as a people we put God first and work together as a united force, we will raise again.

It is not time for division, hatred and backbiting, but instead, working together with love and appreciation for each other. Yes we have faced the challenges, but we will rise again.

Long live SVG and may God bless our nation.

Kennard King