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July 2, 2021
Role of Schools in preserving calypso

There is much that the schools can do to promote and preserve the calypso artform. Students can be guided to compose the lyrics, rhythm, and music for potential calypsos.

Guided by teachers of English A, students can be encouraged to compose poetry using themes supplied by teachers or ones of their own choosing. The number of verses can be predetermined, the pattern of the rhymes, and the message to be delivered encoded. Once the poem is completed, reviewed and revised, it is passed on to the music teacher.

The music teacher and students add rhythm or beats to the poetry. Students are then encouraged to compose tunes.

Rhythm and tunes are then combined. Students then perform the songs in small groups and then before the whole class.

The most suitable singers are sought out. The music scores for the composition can also be written, perhaps with the aid of a computer program. The services of a music studio can also be engaged.

Teachers of English B. and Clothing & Textiles may have ideas of stage management with appropriate performance wardrobe and scenery.

It would then be time for the business teacher to look at copyright, marketing, and promotion. A school concert, national or local competition, and Online platforms can be explored.

Accounts and mathematics teachers will guide students in tracking the cost of production and any surplus expected from all aspects of the music making business.

Thus, many students and teachers can help to preserve and conserve the calypso artform through active engagement with one or more aspects of the subject matter.

Anthony Stewart, PhD