Our Readers' Opinions
June 22, 2021
Vincy Heat is moving into a new phase

VINCY HEAT suffered in the entire game against a young Cuba Team, compared to previous teams, due to a complete lack of organization during defensive/offensive transitions. They did well to keep their shape while in the final third of their own 18 yards box, but were too slow in getting into their offensive formation, once they conceded possession. Cuba, who have a couple of players playing in pro leagues, were too good to not make Vincy Heat pay for their defensive lapses.

They were excessively too slow in moving the ball over the opponents half The number #10 for Cuba was excellent with his distribution in the entire game with his positioning. However, our midfield was at fault for Cuba’s only goal, where they failed to block the passing lane to Cuba’s forward, leaving the backline exposed. In addition, Vincy Heat defenders had too much of a gap between each other throughout the game. Cuba exploited these gaping holes in our defense, but were unable to score due to the ‘man of the match’ Jadiel Chance, our ‘most improved player’ after that humiliating 10 / nil defeat to Guatemala.

Several factors led to these defensive difficulties for Vincy Heat. The relative inexperience of playing a low defensive line, new center-back pairing and players playing in positions that didn’t come naturally to them, all contributed to the poor defensive display in the first half. The fitness levels of the Vincy Heat Team who were returning from that humiliation by Guatemala, were not enough to challenge the Cuba players going forward.

These are still early days. Vincy Heat’s problems are expected to worsen. Their next fixture is against the rough and
rugged Haiti team who will be in Miami way before our boys. As a result, they will be more adapted to the gruesome heat that Miami is experiencing lately.

Coach Mercury, has put Vincy Heat on a very different path in terms of playing style, and as he suggests, Vincy Heat Boyz will have to tread a long way before reaching the level of teams like Cuba, Haiti and Guatemala just to name a few.

These teams are in a different class. You can sense the training of US and European Colleges in their touch, movement, and the discipline they show. We are at a very different stage. We are moving into a new phase, but it requires long hours on the training ground.

Vincy Heat will play their final game before a long break against Haiti as mentioned, and it will be another opportunity for the coach to blend in his philosophy with the players. It will be another tough challenge for the players, but embracing this turbulent transition is the way forward for St. Vincent and the Grenadines football.

Finally, it is very important for the SVGFF President and General Secretary to work very closely together with ALL CLUBS, LEAGUES and OTHER STAKEHOLDERS INVOLVED to see football improve within SVG.

Dominique Stowe