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I need answers

I need answers

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Editor: If we are honest enough we would admit that BRAGSA did a splendid job in clearing the roads throughout the country and making lives a bit more comfortable. For that we say thank you, and we truly appreciate your hard work.

NEMO on other hand, must accept responsibility for being unfair in many areas of distribution of supplies. I do recognise that it takes a lot to cater and satisfy thousands across the island. However, the lack of proper distribution and unfairness can not be overlooked. I guess it goes right back to the lack of being properly organised.

It is well known that persons who were not in need got many supplies, including mattresses, while persons in need were only promised but never received. There are even cases where persons returned home and never got anything from NEMO, although they would have filled out and sent their exit forms, and in some cases, went in person and made another report of their return. I know of persons who would have returned home close to four weeks, and every week NEMO kept on promising to give them their package, but have never up to the time of this publication.

Also, there were persons who received monies from NEMO but were not evacuee, while evacuees who are truly in need have never received. It does leave room for speculation and allegations.

The farmers ID [is] another area of UNFAIRNESS. Can someone explain to me who is a farmer and qualify for a Farmer’s ID?

Imagine there are persons who are not even planting a ‘blade of grass’ yet received Farmers ID. How can this be fair?
Something is definitely wrong in the Ministry of Agriculture.

This situation with its good intention by the government, has the potential to cause serious political damage. The field officers and supervisors, along with the staff at the Ministry of Agriculture need a shake up and be brought under serious investigations.

Is the issuing of Farmers ID done based on friendship? Is it a deliberate attempt to sabotage, or has the qualification of being a farmer changed? Or is it that anyone can now receive farmers ID since each person holding the farmers ID would be getting money? I need to know these answers.

Kennard King