Our Readers' Opinions
June 15, 2021
Examples of responsible relief spending

EDITOR: Monies are only expended in the recipient’s area of interest. The preferred mode of disbursement is low or no interest loans or advance payments for products to be supplied in the future.

A poultry farmer can be paid for a certain number of eggs to be delivered at some future date. The available finance now allows him to build and repair the fowl pens, buy chicken feed, associated equipment, and pay workers. Alternatively, low interest loans can be made available with technical assistance for production and marketing so that the loan can be serviced beginning with the first sales.

Based on Market research, it may be determined that there is a need for a Piano Tuner. Community Research should yield individuals with the aptitude and interest in the area. Interested individuals can be supplied with a loan to cover purchase of tools and online training in Piano Tuning. Some shortterm training in Business Practices will be needed to allow the trained tuners to secure contracts to tune pianos and consequently service the loan.

Every community may need a Barbour, Hair Dresser, Shoemaker, Seamstress, Tailor, librarian, Reading

Support Specialist, Newspaper Vendor, Computer and Electronics gadgets repairman, Stove repairman, sewing machine repairman, Supplier of Compost, Employment Agency, NIS compliance officer, Vehicle Repair man, landscaping, Coconut Vendor, Coach for sports, and any other needed profession.

Those disbursing funds and those receiving funds must all be accountable. We must guard against the tendency to think that government assistance is free and is not to be repaid. Responsible and accountable disbursement agents should report regularly about the success of the various projects.

The idea we have is to see value for monies given and accountability by all parties so that our communities can progress as we rebuild.

Anthony Stewart, PhD