Our Readers' Opinions
June 8, 2021
Reading is still necessary

EDITOR: They are mostly senior citizens, persons over 60 years. A few are younger and fewer still are students.

They read widely frequenting the Public Libraries wherever they can find them. They read the local newspapers. Some buy all the papers and some are loyal to particular writers.

Their reading habits have caused them to have a wide vocabulary and consequently, enhanced their capacity to contribute to any national or international debate. Contrary to what some believe, newspaper readers are not old fashioned, but are among the most enlightened. Others who think they are in the modern age, claim to be reading online, but when challenged on any particular article, cannot give a good account.

The truth may be that since they left school, they have become strangers to books and the print media.

Many more should be reading even if it is in their skilled area to improve their practice. Some who think that they are professionals, hardly do any reading and transfer this habit to those within their sphere of influence. In this information age, reading should be treasured in every field. Good reading habits translate to higher productivity as communication would be enhanced and this would make for efficiency.

It appears that we have more books but less knowledge. This can only be attributed to our current declining reading habits. Can the current primary school graduates compete with one from 50 years ago? Literature, Poetry, Prose, Letter writing, Penmanship, Speech, and skills would seem to put our modern- day student at the disadvantage. In knowledge of Arithmetic, word problems, and application of Common Sense, and Practical skills, the modern student falls short.

Unless you are unable to read, there is a place for everyone in the Intelligencia. Your admission is guaranteed. You may begin with the regular reading of the newspapers.

Bible Stories used to be a common point of reference for teachers, and this should return if all read the Bible.

There is much knowledge to be gained from reading. “God made the four young men smart and wise.

They read a lot of books and became well educated.” (Daniel 1:17 cev)

Dr Anthony Stewart