Our Readers' Opinions
June 4, 2021
Those who were silent are now blame-able

Editor: Dr. Godwin Friday’s expression of vehement disapproval of the Government’s accommodating in Parliament the senator implicated in the incident which was made public recently, was more than reasonable and appropriate, considering the degree of the desecration of our Parliament which the ULP, led by Dr. Gonsalves seemed disposed to perpetrating.

I strongly disagree with those who say that the opposition should [have] remained in the House to debate the Bill which was vital to the provision of resources to cope with the disastrous circumstances with which we were faced.

That position is laced with blinded indifference and immaturity which would permit the squandering of the noble ideal of protecting the nation’s Parliament from the polluting presence of persons who are potentially disposed to be labelled as criminals on the bias of their recent conduct.

When a nation squanders its integrity to the point of applauding its leadership who has desecrated the sanctity of the people’s official dwelling by sneaking downstairs in the dead of night to carouse with an underling, should we be surprised that the resulting blight will spread to the point where the charged with roguish anti-social conduct are applauded in our Parliament?

Citizens who have remained silent where there have been issues in the society which they had the capacity to correct, will be held accountable when the floods overwhelm us. We owe citizen Cornelius John an apology!

LeRoy Providence