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May 28, 2021
We are one Global family

Editor: We are one Vincy family! One Caribbean family! One Global family! When La Soufriere Volcano started erupting explosively, the response to our SOS from the local, regional and International community has been nothing else but overwhelming! Receiving regular updates on social media, I experienced the anxiety, the frustration and the disruption to people’s lives even as I am thousands of miles away. As the days followed, people from all walks of life responded in a way that brought much joy in the midst of this epic natural disaster. Apart from my wife Julie and I deciding to facilitate the evacuees of St.Josephs Convent, Kingstown, with their necessities, I knew I had to go further and put pen to paper and tell the story in what I refer to as poetry in music and release this track…We Are One Family. Eruptions of our volcano historically are few and far between but felt I had to document the experience in audio and video. This will be released on radio and television, local,regional and international also on social media platforms….We Are One Family.