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May 28, 2021
System 3 Sports Academy seeks answers

Editor: This executive keeps outdoing itself. Not only makng a joke of having an investigation into allegations against players, while not really investigating; but after six weeks there is nothing communicated. So, after no hearing – everything hinged on written reports done in the dark by officials of the Football Federation (FF).

One player is dead, one is in the dark as to what is going on, and the other, affiliated to FF members, is on his way to join up with the team in Grenada. We only care for those close to us? 

The disciplinary committee seems to reflect the executive: no concern for procedure or care for those in their charge.
The club will like to know:

What was the out come of the “hearing”?

Why wasn’t a propper investigation done? 

There were dozens of players present at the incident with Azinho. Why were they not interviewed? 

A report can be written by anyone. Nothing replaced interviewing the persons present. To leave matters hanging for nearly two months and still no conclusion is cruel and heartless.

Ian Sardine