Our Readers' Opinions
May 11, 2021
Philbert Chambers

By Keresha Chambers

Despite all the good you’ve done
you did get one thing wrong
You left a hole in our hearts now that you’re gone
Though Heaven has gained another star, the world has lost a beautiful one
I’ve never seen love like I’ve seen in the Chambers family
I’ve never been so grateful to be a part of something so great
I might not be the best at showing it but I think you are all extraordinary
No matter what happens in my life, this family will always be the one thing I’ll never trade
I wanted you to be there with the rest of the family when Javique and I get back our CXC results
I wanted you to be in the congregation when Aunty Valesha gets married
I wanted you to watch your nieces and nephews grow into adults
but instead we had to watch you get buried.

Now you won’t get to see when Mary starts to walk all on her own
and won’t get to comfort your siblings whenever they’re feeling alone
I know you had to go and there’s no point in placing blames
but our family has now been shattered and life will never be the same
My dad is broken and your dad is hurting
Aunty Janelle is in pain and Aunty Jemma feels deserted
Valesha is crushed and Keresha is shocked
Your Sugar mommy is comforted because Jesus is her rock.

Uncle Kish said Uncle Joshua looks up to you
Spar and Jeremiah will surely miss you too
Dillan and Rasneil will hold you in their hearts
And uncle Vambo will never let death keep you apart
You lived your life with passion
You reminded us that life is a gift, that’s the legacy you left behind
You didn’t leave the family a million dollars or a mansion
But you did redefine what it means to be alive