Our Readers' Opinions
May 7, 2021
Let us take a look beyond the mirror

EDITOR: The time is here again. What time am I speaking about? International Labour Day or Workers Day. Why the emphasis on this? This day is when workers show their solidarity and appreciation to all workers in the world regardless of status, colour, religions, sex or creed.

Now all workers have a right to know their rights. Whether you are self employed, private sector, NGO’s or Government.

Yet most self employed in the lower echelons of society do not recognize their contribution. They will see themselves as business and not worker. To change this psyche will take a mammoth task of educating and infoming, however, it can be done, but this is something that all have to play a role to ensure.

Another area that needs to be looked at is the use and impact of technology on workers and the working environ. This area is very dynamic. Its boundary seems timeless and infinite and the workplace, station and tools are boundless and imaginative.

Now this is an area that (ILO) International Labour Organization and Labour agencies have to be creative, innovative, and methodologically adoptive with laws and standards, to protect and guide workers in this new dispensation. Without quick and assertive intervention workers will be at [the] mercy of the developer, owners and investors of this new work order.

The dynamic even suggest a seemingless virtual world supervised by robots and machines. Contracts, retrenching, downsizing, subletting and severance, will become the order of the day. There may be no need for workers as it stands today. Let’s take a look Beyond the mirror. It’s no longer a reflection that is required, it’s visions and focus. So long man on de go.
Joel Poyer