Our Readers' Opinions
April 30, 2021
La Soufriere Volcano- My Side of the Story

By Mida Mason

Here I stand, over four thousand feet in altitude
I have tried my best to enjoy my solitude
But you keep coming up to provoke me, why?
You swam across my crater when there was water
I dried up the water, built a dome
Yet for some reason, you wouldn’t leave me alone.

Every year I noticed you got braver and braver
Hundreds ascended, boasting that there was no danger
Some even built huts on my mountain
Thinking I did not know what they were planting
The blood of my sons cried out loud to me
When you burned them in coal pits, you think I didn’t see.

For forty-two years, you said I was sleeping
But I sat quietly, observing everything.
So here I am, SVG displaying my beautiful fury
High up in the sky, for you and your neighbors to see
I rained down ash on you so thick
You can’t figure out what to do with it.

I am angrier than in seventy-nine
Show me respect; this mountain is mine
My crater is not holding back its lava flow
Jesus loves you and wants your attention you know
So humble yourselves, repent and confess your sins
Until further notice I leave you to think on these things.