Our Readers' Opinions
April 16, 2021
Turn and believe

I WAS THE one that gave the message of the volcano. I was called all kinds of names. One of these names was ‘devilish seer’.

Now they want answers and there is none. But I will give the answer. The volcano will erupt and there will be loss of lives. It has not been given to me when the eruption will be.

We have mocked the God of heaven too much even in our worship it’s a mockery. I can say this because I went to churches and mentioned the word of God they want to fight and call you all kind of names.

God said ‘My sheep hears my voice and I am known of mine. Now I am going to give you two dreams.

The dreams are not the same, only the building is the same. About sixty-six years ago, I dreamt I went to worship in this building in Calliaqua it was the Society Hall in Calliaqua.

They used to rent the hall to people to have worship. This night the hall was full and we were waiting for the preacher to start. Then suddenly, outside became brighter than day. Everyone was wondering what was going on, a man got up and went to the door as he got to the door, he fell on his face and shouted out ‘The coming of the Lord is here!’ Then in walked this man in a white gown with white ribbons hanging over his arm. And he went to the women who had children sitting on their laps; he took a ribbon and tied it in a bow on the children’s arms and they flew out of the building, then looked on the older people, shook his head and left. After all these years on 1st April,2021, I found myself in the same building varnishing the walls in a dream. Then I said to myself ‘This is the second week, I was not paid last week and I will finish the building today.’ Then I looked and saw the boss coming. When he got to me I told him that I was not paid last week and would be finishing today, he said ‘I think I will let you do the wall outside, but you will have to smooth it up for it is a bit rough.’ As he was going I said ‘to save you coming back here I can come for my pay, just tell me what time to come’, but he never answered. Then I awoke out of my sleep. I gave the dream a thought, and I said, ‘In all my years as a painter, I have never varnished walls, nor do I know of anyone who does.

Most coffins are varnished. Is this building the house of the dead? Do the walls picture the people? Will this message get rid of the rough edges? Now the boss did not answer about the time of payment for we all will be paid at the coming of Christ and of the day and hour knows no man. Question, would I be facing death and wait for someone to tell me get out of the way? May God help us all. Turn and believe this very hour. Then shall our final ending be safe through a long eternity.

R.B Harry