Our Readers' Opinions
February 19, 2021
Appeal to the Red Cross

EDITOR: It was reported in the media (print) on Friday, February 12th, that the RED CROSS has been on a mission to reduce the spread of Dengue. That is indeed commendable and if the truth be told it reflects the sort of involvement from that well respected organization whose membership comprises men and women who have been traditionally held in high regard in our society.

The relevant piece which caught my attention in the NEWS newspaper of 12th February 2021, was captioned “LOCAL RED CROSS ON MISSION TO REDUCE SPREAD OF DENGUE” and it was contributed by Donald De Riggs. The information given was interesting and I felt urged to make contact with the office of the RED CROSS to get more information and offer some suggestions.

Unfortunately neither the RED CROSS nor Donald De Riggs were listed in the telephone directory.

According to the article, this fight against Dengue commenced in November of 2020 and several organizations cooperated to effect a program of related services to enhance the health environment around 300 households and small farms in Union Island, Bequia, Mayreau, Campden Park, Lowmans LD, Montrose, Sharpes, Stoney Ground and Overland.

I am here appealing to the Red Cross to use their influence to push the Ministries of Education and Health to address with urgency the unhealthy situation which has been “crying out for attention” for over a year now, at the back of the properties of the GIRLS’ HIGH SCHOOL and THE GRAMMAR SCHOOL.

The area referred to is but a few hundred yards from your office, and the GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL has already lost one of its students to Dengue. Please act with urgency!

Leroy Providence