Leave Pastor Dermoth Baptist alone!
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November 20, 2020
Leave Pastor Dermoth Baptist alone!

EDITOR: Of late, particularly, since the end of the November 5, 2020 general election, several persons, via mainly social media have vent a barrage of negative criticism against pastor Dermoth Baptist, president of the St. Vincent and Grenadines Mission of Seventh-Day Adventist. Some have even demanded that he step down. It’s one thing if their misguided criticisms were objective, positive, constructive or reasonable. Unfortunately, they are not. But rather, insultive, derogative, demeaning, disdainful, disrespectful, rude and degrading to say the least. That some persons who supposedly know better could be so forward, decisive and deliberate in their disrespect for such a noble and spiritual leader as is pastor Baptist, speaks volumes; notwithstanding, leave much to be desired.

Do we need further evidence that these individuals may have lost their spiritual moorings? Further, their sense of respect for those in authority and the disciple of self-control. How they have allowed party politics to override sound judgement and common sense. What other conclusion is reasonable? I would not be surprised if pastor Baptist, given his spiritual experience and maturity, pray to God for their conversion.

This uncontrolled outburst of negative criticisms and disregard for pastor Baptist, or any other spiritual leader is cause for concern. It is a wakeup call to the reality of the time in which we live. It’s one thing to expressed your views. It’s another thing how you expressed those views or sentiments. Clearly, unless immediate remedial action is taken, morality, dignity, standard of right and wrong, human liberty, freedom of expression, the social fabric of our society, respect for those in authority and Almighty God might soon vanquish into oblivion. At least from the perspective of those who seem not to have any respect for God or man. Peter’s was right when he said. “But chiefly them that walk after the flesh in the lust of their uncleanness, and despise government. Presumptuous are they, self-willed, they are not afraid to speak evil of dignity,” 2 Peter 2:10.

Despite the negative criticisms meted out to pastor Baptist, to date no one has come to the fort to say what crime he has committed, which law he has transgressed, which principle he has violated, or the sin for which he is held guilty. And even if he has committed sin, who gave man the right to sit in judgment upon his soul? God alone reserved the right to judge man’s conscience, Mathew 7:1-2.
If the reason that pastor Baptist is been ridiculed is that he read from God’s Holy Word during the swearing in ceremony of cabinet, or his called for reconciliation, that is laughable. If it’s wrong for a minister of the gospel to read from the Bible at a government function, tell me what is right? If it’s wrong for a minister of the gospel to call for reconciliation irrespective of political affiliation, then we are in a serious crisis. We need divine intervention. Pastor Baptist is not the first religious figure to have been asked to do a spiritual exercise at a government function. Sure, once this nation remains democratic, he will not be the last.

Evidently, some of the negative criticisms lashed out at pastor Baptist allegedly came from some NDP supporters.

Less I be misunderstood, it is everyone’s right to choose which political franchise he or she will support. And that right ought to be respected at all times and across the board. How different it would be if this is the case. Be that as it may. Would they have been so mean to God holy servant if their party had won the election, and he had been asked to perform the same function on the same occasion? Certainly not. They probably might have presented him with gold, frankincense and myrrh.

It is hope that with the passage of time those individuals who criticized pastor Baptist, and seek to tarnish his reputation will come to realize the errors of their ways, repent of their unacceptable attitude and bring their lives in harmony with biblical principles. I call upon them to leave pastor Baptist alone.

The Watch Dog