Another call to repair Yambou Road before  catastrophe strikes
The Yambou public road
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November 10, 2020
Another call to repair Yambou Road before catastrophe strikes

Editor: A letter was published in the media on Thursday July 9th 2020 entitled ‘Yambou Road Needs Serious Attention’ and on the Friday 10th of July it was exhibited with the caption ‘Fix Yambou Road Before Catastrophe Strikes’.

I dreamt that the authorities had graciously spent a generous sum to fix the road. After that they placed three to six blue collar engineers looking over diligently to keep commuters safe. For this we are very grateful.

In more recent times, there has been lots of rain between mid to end of October and the freak storm on the 29th of October. There was a landslide on this same road. The debris was dumped over the bank that is being undermined. It was dumped there under the supervision of the three blue drums, these robotic engineers instructed the gang to do such a dumb thing. There were commuters present warning these intelligent people but they took no heed.

The falling of rain is inevitable and the road has worsened. It will be a nightmare if someone gets injured or killed in this area. My aim is to warn you of the impending danger and save lives in the process. Can dumb, disappearing and deaf drums listen, talk or fix roads? Would my pedestrian and motorists friends, family and fellow humans listen to my voice?

Secret Trobairitz
A Concerned Citizen