The Pyramid scheme
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October 16, 2020

The Pyramid scheme

EDITOR: In recent times there has emerged the Pyramid scheme which has robbed hundreds, maybe thousands across the Caribbean and beyond.

Here in SVG it was beginning to take root. The scheme was sold as a SUE- SUE hand, which will give you over $1,000 even before your hand came around. It appeared so enticing like how the serpent enticed EVE. Careful scrutiny of the scheme before entering into it would have made one aware that it is a scam. How could a SUE- SUE hand yield $1,500 even before your hand comes around? Added to it, is the case where you are supposed to get two persons to join.
SUE-SUE hand, as we know, is paid by the amount of persons in the group and then each person has to pick a number and the persons are given their hand when their turn comes around.

We recognize that we are living in an age where we desire to get money and get as much as is possible. The sad thing is that there is no hope of persons getting back their money in these pyramid schemes, since here in SVG the
operatives are not seen in persons, but rather the money is paid via credit or debit card.

I would urge us to be aware of many scammers who are out to deprive persons of their hard earn dollars even via text and other technology. Sometimes they even try to blackmail since they would have hacked into your email or Facebook account. So they would blackmail persons by telling them they will expose their personal information unless they pay a certain amount of money.

We must be aware of and exercise caution when invited to join these schemes and unless we know the individuals in person. SUE – SUE hand is not bad, but it must be carefully managed. Be aware of online schemes.

May God help us to exercise caution and have wisdom?

Kennard King