I don’t want to wait in vain
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September 18, 2020

I don’t want to wait in vain

EDITOR: Do unto others as you would like them to do unto you. Join the line and wait at the bank, in the emergency room, at the doctor’s office, at the bus stop and in myriad of places. To bring some balance we would like to see waiting in line: politicians, bus drivers, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, bankers, airline pilots, and workers.

For years Black people have been waiting in line for fair treatment. They are still waiting. Qualified workers from the other side have been waiting for their well-deserved promotion or opportunity. Qualified workers from the other gender have been waiting too. They deserve promotion without having to compromise their dignity. Some want to break their dignified silence and speak up, but they fear victimization. Computer Science teachers are waiting for a well-maintained computer lab with a Lab Technician on hand. Stand-by generators are awaiting maintenance so that they can kick in when the public power supply goes.

Playing fields are awaiting maintenance so that they can support the sports against crime programs. Government buildings and compounds are awaiting consistent maintenance The Auditor General and staff may be waiting for adequate staff and funding so that they can audit the country’s accounts for last year and perhaps the last 19 years.

Construction workers, friends and neighbours are awaiting a call to assist recipients of lumber, galvanize, and cement with their genuine renovations, or to buy the materials cheaply from them.

Can Covid-19 Relief Funds reduce our waiting time?

Anthony Stewart, PhD