Our Readers' Opinions
September 4, 2020
Thank God for Comrade Ralph

EDITOR: We are aware that general elections will soon be held. The Unity Labour Party (ULP) is seeking a fifth term.

While, they are claiming five in a row, we know that elections are not won until the votes are counted.

It is noteworthy for the ULP to seriously consider that they have been their biggest enemy and in the last two general elections it was the ULP supporters who were the biggest contributor to their narrow margin. It is a known fact that a large percentage of persons vote the ULP because of Comrade Ralph Gonsalves. Whenever, the Comrade calls it quits, it is believed that the ULP in its present form will make a downward slide and the party then in opposition will have a very good chance of winning should the ULP win the next general elections.

In analyzing briefly, ULP in its last two elections won one seat majorities. This was so because many supporters stayed home, as evident in the seats that they lost by small margins. Many would have stayed home because they had unresolved issues, which the representatives or caretakers didn’t give enough attention to. Many of the representatives or caretakers’ ears or not on the ground and for some they simply do not listen.

Many supporters felt abandoned and neglected and as a result they stayed home. So while many may shout “five in a row”, time will tell. I am afraid if supporters continue to stay home due to unresolved issues, the ULP can be in for a rude awakening. Thank God for the Comrade and it is because of him a large percentage still support the ULP.

Kennard King