The future of SVG is in your hands!
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August 28, 2020

The future of SVG is in your hands!

EDITOR: Vincentians are saying it’s time for a change from the ULP/Dr. Ralph Gonsalves to the NDP/Dr. Friday, and it is obvious that this change is desired by majority of Vincentians. In this year 2020 we are seeing some resemblance to what took place in 2001. After 17 years in office by the NDP Vincentians got fed up and made the change from NDP to the ULP. Today it seems that history is repeating in the case where most Vincentians are saying it’s time for a change and in my opinion that change is coming.

Madam Editor you may say that there is no resemblance of what took place in 2001, but if one listens to the cry of Vincentians then you will realize how badly change is needed. Let’s face it. The facts are very visible, it has been about 20 years since the ULP/Dr. Ralph Gonsalves has been in governance, yet they still campaigning everyday asking for a 5th term. The question is if what they did was so excellent then why are they putting so much effort to convince Vincentians that they deserve a 5th term? I think that if they did such good things then the records and achievements should speak volume.

Today the ULP is still about Dr. Ralph Gonsalves and what he did. Oh he did this he did that, but yet he is promising so much more and saying to Vincentians that he will fulfil all his political promises if given a 5th term in office.

Madam Editor, Vincentians are exhausted of the Prime Minister and the ULP and they are saying it’s time for him to leave the office. What little accomplishment that was delivered by the ULP/Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, Vincentians are saying thanks very much, but it’s time for him to go.

I’m wondering why the elected parliamentarians of the ULP are just sitting around and allowing the Prime Minister to take credit for everything, making it appear that he is responsible for all of the accomplishment, including “AIA”.

Let me ask you this, do you think that it is wise to have one political party in office for 20 years? Do you think that it is good for our democracy?

If by any stretch of the imagination that the ULP wins a 5th term in office the democracy of St. Vincent and the Grenadines will be severely threatened. One may ask why, I say this simply because then politicians will feel as if they have accomplished all and political neglect will be the order of the day. Could you imagine the ULP winning a 5th term in office? I want you to really think about the democracy of our country, would it speak well for the electoral process and our democracy?

I am hoping that the electorate will consider every single possibility before casting their votes in the next general elections.

Don’t tell me that Dr. Friday can’t lead, because Vincentians said the same thing about Dr. Ralph Gonsalves in 2001, yet today his leadership stands for something. Let me remind the electorate that the future of our country is in their hands and the democracy of our country must be the focus of the election, so please do the right thing.

Kingsley Defreitas