Management has been costly; we need change
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August 28, 2020

Management has been costly; we need change

EDITOR: That we have failed, so far, in our effort to generate electricity from our geothermal resources is not in itself something to be ashamed of. There is abundant documentation, that all through the ages life changing exploits had been the results of years of commitment to the pursuit of desirable goals which came to “sweet reality” after much money, time, energy and sometimes lives, had been lost.

The scientific evidence accumulated from our failed attempt, relative to the production of electricity from our geothermal resource, will no doubt guide our future exploits in that regard. Considering the weakness of our economy over these decades and the weight of the societal burdens which need to be addressed with urgency, we can hardly be expected to contemplate another geothermal exploration, before the end of this century.

To a large degree, the shattering of our national spirit and hopes has origin in Dr. Ralph Gonsalves’ aim to project himself excessively. This weakness, this immaturity, was clearly exhibited when the machinery for work on the ARGYLE AIRPORT was paraded, with much pomp and political party emphasis, from Campden Park through the capital Kingstown, on to Argyle. That same “flavour” had been clearly evident throughout the failed Geo-Thermal Project. The editorial of “The Searchlight” of 21st August 2020, maturely advises “However if there is one lesson that we should learn from this experience is the danger of over-hype. Politicians eager to maintain or gain support are prone to this kind of sell. Every project is painted in glowing terms often beyond its own limitations. When problems do occur, as they often will, there is political fall-out and very temptingly, not any realistical appraisal, but a counter political response which can sometimes damage the national interests. One can only hope that we have intelligent discussions of the experience and full disclosure of the facts as we continue in our thrust for development of alternative renewable energy sources which will play an important role”.

Undoubtedly our development over the last several decades has been hampered by the egotism of those who had been entrusted with leadership. Their mismanagement of the socio-economic sector and the injustices against productive
patriotic citizens, have been costly and painful. We need change urgently; the present course will lead to economic ruin and subvert our peace.

Leroy Providence