Our Readers' Opinions
August 14, 2020
Some of us are prisoners inside

EDITOR: Many persons are prisoners inside. There are more prisoners who are outside the physical prison building than those who are inside.

There are many things we practice that is keep us in bondage and take away our freedom of peace and enslave us. Thus these things are destroying us psychologically and rob us of the dignity and freedom to love and be at peace with others. In this sense we are held in bondage and are prisoners.

This is election year and far too many are enslaved to hatred because of party politics. This robs us of our freedom of association. We can dislike the policies and performances of a particular party, but should never reach the place of actual hatred of each other.

Hatred is even developed from broken relationships and other reasons, personal or otherwise. When hatred is demonstrated it creates tension, malice and even destroys the person’s self worth, integrity and respect. It robs an individual of peace of mind, because the person who hates someone sees the other person as an enemy and wishes the downfall or the worse, to befall the person or persons.

Bad-mindedness is another aspect of bondage and keeps us in prison. When someone has a bad mind, they don’t want other persons to succeed and also strive for the destruction and failure of other individuals. Love goes out the windows.

Pride is another case of bondage. It is said that pride goes before a fall. So when a person becomes proud and considers himself above and better than others, that is a recipe for disaster. Those individuals lack the freedom to greet and be sociable with others. They live in a world by themselves, but they are not happy and lack the character to reach out and help others.

Finally, unforgiveness is a major crime. We seldom look at it as a crime, but the bible says if I don’t forgive others then I would not be forgiven. Come to think about it, there are so many persons whose sins are not forgiven because they don’t forgive. Therefore, their sins keep piling up and this eventually leads to destruction.

So holding someone in your heart and not forgiving will eventually block a person from his/her blessings. It will rob the person of happiness and progress. Like a prisoner in a jail, those persons lack the freedom of inward peace and progress, coupled with God’s blessings.

I will dare say that HATRED and UNFORGIVENESS have been two of the major crimes committed inwardly and will never be tried by a court of law, but destroy the individual. This also cause persons to rise up in revenge to do actual physical injury and sometimes killings.

May we be free from the inside out by loving and forgiving each others.

These two traits will help in reducing the actual crimes that we see today.

Kennard King