What a sad squandering  of integrity
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August 7, 2020
What a sad squandering of integrity

EDITOR: If an individual who has evidently been equipped with what is universally recognised as a desirable level of academic development/ exposure, and if he had harshly criticised the incumbent in the office which he himself had set his heart on occupying, but on attaining his desire he follows aggressively the very path that he had castigated his predecessor for and even is now guilty of exacerbating the related agonies of those approaches, would it not be reasonable to recognize him, identify his as a fraud, “a bare-faced fraud”?

Given the point of development at which we are now, with the awareness of the issues which had burdened our forebears and the evidence nakedly exposed in recent months, that there is much work to be done in redressing the injustices to the people of African orientation; then those individuals among us who are appropriately historically informed and who up to 2001, seemed prepared to defend the interests of the people, should make their voices heard.

They ought to realize, that by their seeming acquiescence in the face of raw injustice by those who had undertaken to serve the people, they will be regarded as traitors when their contributions in the pre-election season of 2001 are called to mind. That they would indeed be a sad squandering of integrity by African-oriented brothers!

Leroy Providence