Running our last mile home
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July 31, 2020

Running our last mile home

EDITOR: Running our last mile home is a harsh reality which many have failed to realize. Life is seen as a race not to be competed, but to be completed.

Listening to the death announcements daily and reading on social media, we would come to the conclusion that many persons die daily in this country of ours.

The unfortunate thing is that many live their lives without the reality that they might be running their last mile home. Gone are the days when prayer, Sunday schools, and church were a must. Family altars, even in Christian homes, are no longer a practice. That sense of the importance of Christ seems not to be a reality anymore.

As we become aware of the fact that we are running our last mile home, it is for us to be prepared.

We never know when we would draw our last breath. The Bible does remind us in Hebrews 9:27, It is appointed unto men once to die. Therefore, there is an appointment set for our time to die. So, for many, they could be running their last mile home.

Rather than being prepared for our departure, far too many of us spend our time spewing hatred, practicing malice, pulling down each other, involving ourselves in many ungodly things and not ensuring that it is well with our souls.

We have become so political that we brand someone as a Christian or not a Christian depending on the party they support.

We have allowed party politics to divide us and create enemies, while we might just be running our last mile home.

I therefore encourage us to confess our sins, repent and turn to Jesus. Let us be conscious that every day we live could be our last.

Let us seek to live loving with each other, regardless of the party colours, race or religion, or social affiliation. Let Christ become the head of our homes and so minimize the crime and senseless killings. Let us be prepared for our last mile home, when we would cross that finish line. May God bless us all!

Kennard King