Shifting sands
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July 21, 2020

Shifting sands

EDITOR: The internet, artificial intelligence and sovereignty will be key issues of the 21st century. The entire global economy is in disarray. The fight for technological dominance between the US and China is indicative of the importance of the internet to the future of the world. Business, education and everyday life will increasingly use the internet and therefore the internet will become vital to the modern world.

Artificial intelligence(AI) is the most revolutionary tool humans have invented in the modern era. Many jobs, including BPO jobs, will be taken over by AI. Some jobs will be created by AI, but they will require advance education, so people with little formal education who are usually the poor will be disadvantaged. Shorter work week and training for the marginalized can mitigate the negative effects of artificial intelligence. The international infrastructure is complex and large and will get more complex and larger, One country will be ineffective in influencing the global order. The splitting of the world into pro US or pro China and nations who want to be neutral will increase the need to be protected by a group of nations. Sovereignty will be shifting.

Like Malcom X said, the future belong to those who prepare for it today, so prepare.

Brian E Plummer