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July 17, 2020
There are better options than to liquidate LIAT

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This is in keeping with my quest to prove that there are other/better options than the most recent proposal to “liquidate” LIAT.

I’m at one with Prime Minister Gaston Browne of Antigua, with his request that others (outside of the current shareholders) also be offered the opportunity to purchase, or invest in a restructured/reorganized/resuscitated LIAT. My preference is for a public-private partnership, with Caribbean creatives among the main shareholders.

We possess the “knowledge assets “, with the requisite value/leverage to raise millions to invest in business ventures. We are living in the Digital Age. This is not the Stone Age! Many of us need to purge ourselves of a sense of economics which holds, according to the description of one novelist, that “value lay [only] in the things you could hold; things you could eat.” 

I find it appalling and disrespectful that in the midst of the worldwide George Floyd protests, black entrepreneurs are being shut out from an excellent opportunity to create wealth. Generational wealth. Black Lives Matter!

Bernard Joseph