Parliament building project is unwarranted
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June 30, 2020

Parliament building project is unwarranted

Editor: In relation to your article in the edition of June 26, 2020 concerning the US$20 million loan given by The R.O.C. for both refurbishment and new building of both a Court House and Parliament building(s). This, in my opinion, is unwarranted and needless. It represents, to me, no more than a vanity project to enhance the regional status of our current Government, and as an extreme example of both narcissism and pretension.

If, through the extreme benevolence of the R.O.C. they are willing to make such financial assistance as this, then I believe that such funds should be used for the benefit of all Vincentians and not just a privileged elite. If SVG was enjoying a Utopian existence, which given the Covid-19 situation, the unemployment et al it is not, I would still wonder why this amount of money is being spent on such a project.

I feel that when these funds become available they would be better utilised for benefit of the total population. Some, but not all, examples could well be:

the refurbishment of MCMH, various medical clinics, schools and roads to name but a few. I also wonder why it is that that our political masters feel this is money well spent just for their benefit and regional status.

No doubt the supporters of this scheme will cite that the current buildings are in dire need of such improvement. However, there is also the case of the toilet facilities in and around Kingstown. How can it be that we, the public, are told for what purpose this money is for but are expected to have to use toilet facilities that are medieval, archaic and pose a health risk to anyone forced to use them.

Surely it is the remit of any Government to look towards to comfort and hygiene safety of the general population before embarking upon a project based solely upon their own self interest and aggrandisment.

I wonder how it is that a private organisation can offer reasonable hygienic toilet facilities in the location of Heritage Square but the powers that be, that control the other facilities expect the public to use establishments that are no better than pig sty’s.

A. W. Indupp